LYRICS: Da L.E.S – What You Thought ft. Nadia Nakai



LYRICS: Da L.E.S – What You Thought ft. Nadia Nakai

LYRICS: Da L.E.S – What You Thought ft. Nadia Nakai

Ain’t gon change, I’m a savage x 8
I’m riding ’round the town with a bad bitch
You know my lifestyle ain’t average
Ain’t gon change, I’m a savage x6

verse 1 [Da LES]
Is it a diamond, got me dipping like water
In case you ain’t feeling my aura
So loud you can hear it in the corridor
‘Cause we stay balling like Jordans
Comin’ down whippin’ that foreign
Sippin’ that You Ain’t Heard Of
Club hit me up on the burner
Tell me it’s going down like murder
I got twenty bitches
Sending naked pictures to my phone
I got stripper chicks
Doing tipsy shit up on the pole
I told these haters situation is under control
I done did this shit in here
I did this shit back on the road
I’m a savage, I’m a savage
Ain’t gon change, I’m a savage
Ain’t gon change, I’m a savage


verse 2 [Maggz]

Killing these features again
A savage, a beast with the pen, my nigga
Grinding, my feet on the sand
Still hurting my ex
I’mma leave with her friend
I’m petty, fuck it I don’t give a damn
It’s just the man that I am
Twenty Pinacoladas for these four bitches
Bheka mfana, was nothing to spend
Againg and again
riding through the city mfana
Looking for the right fun
Pull up on the windows when I roll up on a light one
We on the N1 again, 180 speed on the Benz
Deep in the trends, we on that BS again
The savagery deep in my glands
It sleeps on demand

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verse 3 [Nadia Nakai]

Since 21 been causing havoc
Since 21 been doin’ damage
Since 21 I’m living lavish
Since 21 I been a savage
Savages savages savages
All of my niggas are savages
Tryna reup all our balances
Got the whole squad breaking averages huh
Can’t get this, I already have it
If I can’t get it I’mma throw a fit
I’m a ? bitch with the masses
I thought you already knew I’m a savage
Just moved to my new spot
Changed up, address
And last week the whole hood was out
Stadium, status



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